Learn, learn and learn.

Don’t waste time doing things which don’t help you learn.

Friends and parties are fun but fun doesn’t make you wealthy. Focus on learning, focus on knowledge, learn more, read more, think only about the things that you can learn, the books you have been wanting to read for years, the many lessons that you are going to learn, the knowledge to acquire.

Other people are only gonna get in the way. They are only going to hinder you. Because they don’t want to evolve, they don’t want to learn, they will just try to make you waste your time. They just want to waste their time because they don’t know how valuable it is. You should be smarter than them. It might feel like a big sacrifice to make when you see them laughing and posting pictures of their happy times on Facebook, but remember always that those are shallow experiences devoid of any real meaning. Everybody is having shallow moments of happiness, it’s not a big accomplishment to have a lot of friends and party all the time. Being wise and knowing a lot of things is what you work towards.

Be wise, not wasteful.