Books to be read

Literally me reading books

The following books are in my library and should be read eventually:

Immortality and the unseen world – audio book from Librivox

Avesta, by the Zoroastrians

Future Ritual – Magick for the 21st century #nlp #ritual #exercises #practical

Isis Unveiled – Blavatsky

The secret doctrine – Blavatsky

The book of Atem – Achieving new states of consciousness through NLP #nlp #ritual #exercises #practical

The white goddess

Soul Flight

Star magic

Astral magic in medieval jewish thought

Golem – Jewish magical and mystical traditions on the artificial anthropod

Hasidism – Between ecstasy and magic

Practicing gnosis – Ritual and magic in ancient literature

Regardie’s Complete golden dawn

Regardie’s The tree of life

Kabbalah magic – the great work of self transformation

Paganism in Spain

The nine worlds of seid magic

Magical techniques of Tibet

The voodoo doll spellbook

The garland of letters

The art and practice of the occult

Mudras – yogas in your hands

The essential Tao – an initiation

The science of breath

Initiation into hermetics (and practice the exercises)

A Tarot travelogue

Advanced shamanism

The tibetan yoga of breath

By Land, sky and sea – three realms of shamanic witchcraft

Opening the dragon gate

Chinese shamanic cosmic orbit qi gong

The lion’s roar – an introduction to tantra

Concentration – mouni sadhu

Contradictions and vile utterances – zoroastrian critique of Judaism

Daimonic reality – a field guide to the otherworld

Don Juan and the art of sexual energy

Santeria and the orisha of the crossroads

General book of the tarot

Guide to Dakini land


Three books of occult philosophy

Holotropic breathwork and archetypal astrology

Kali Kaula -> Finished

Manual of Psychomagic

Jewish meditation – Aryeh Kaplan

Prometheus rising

Shadows in the sun

Shadows of wolf fire

Shamanism – an encyclopedia of world beliefs

Stairway to the stars – sufism, gurdjieff and the inner tradition of mankind

Sublime path to kechara paradise

Symbolism of the cross

Tarot – quintessence

The art and practice of contacting the demiurge

The art and practice of astral projection

The art and practice of getting material things through creative visualization

The art of drawing spirits into crystals

The book of changes and the unchanging truth

The ladder of divine ascent

The secrets of the kaula circle

The magus of java

The book of balance and harmony

The secret of the golden flower -> Finished, not post

Vajrayogini – her visualizations, rituals and forms

Numbers – their occult power and mystic virtues

Kali: the black goddess of dakshineswar