Biddy Webinar Notes

I watched a seminar by Brigit Esselmont, creator of Biddy Tarot, and I’ve had the video sitting on my desktop for the longest time, thinking “I will rewatch it and make some notes”. Well, here they are. All the information and credits go to Brigit Esselmont.

Why learn how to read the tarot

  1. Tarot puts your intuition on speed dial
  2. Tarot helps you make better decisions with greater clarity
  3. Tarot helps you create the life that you want to live

Reasons why Tarot readings are confusing or inaccurate

  1. Rushing the reading (not diving deep into the story behind the cards)
  2. Asking the wrong questions (questions that don’t help the querent!)
  3. Not interpreting the story in the cards (sticking to the surface-level interpretation)

How to create powerful and accurate readings

  1. Create the space. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Like how I don’t like to read when I’m tired. Dress up for it, if you can! Banish the area, burn some incense.
  2. Get to the heart of the question. What exactly would answer the question? What would help the person?
  3. Choose the spread. Decide if you’re going to read 2 cards, 3 cards or a full-blown Celtic Cross.
  4. Shuffle the deck. Put your energy into it. Bring the universal order into your hands.
  5. Read the cards and interpret the story. First, intuitively look and interpret the cards. Write it down. If the cards were a movie, what kind of movie would it be?
  6. Answer the question asked. Don’t forget the person is looking for answers.
  7. Reflect, and ask for feedback. Take a photo, write down the cards you got and your interpretation.

There’s also a very good document with 10 questions you could ask before the reading. Perhaps the querent is not sure what they need to know, see if one of these might help!

In closing

Let’s not forget to say Thank You Very Much! To Brigit Esselmont for all the quality information she’s put out there for people to learn from.

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