Missing 411 – Omm Sety

Let me talk to you about two more books I read last month

Missing 411 – David Paulides

First of all, I read Missing 411 by David Paulides. I think the version I read was the “North America and Beyond…” book, there isn’t just one book about this 411 stuff.

What’s it all about? Well, in these books the author is compiling many cases of people disappearing under what he considers to be “strange circumstances”. Case after case fills the volumes, cases involving young children who disappear almost right in front of their parent’s noses, children who are sought for by hundreds of people, with no results. Children who sometimes reappear in places that had been searched, children that sometimes appear dead, laying on their face. Sometimes, adults disappear too. Experienced hunters, hikers, some with a history of mental problems or with some form of physical disability (old age, hearing problems, etc).

There is a huge amount of cases, and soon I came to feel a bit tired and exhausted from reading more or less the same story over and over. As a compilation, it is probably extremely valuable for the researcher that needs a good catalog of these cases through the years and the land of Northern America. For the reader looking to tie the loose ends on this phenomenon, it won’t come as useful really. I read around 100 pages, then skimmed ahead and saw that it was pretty much the same, so I didn’t finish it. I might have missed one or two important cases, but overall I’d say the first 50 pages are enough to make up your mind about whether or not you believe in this stuff. I do. So I put the book down.

The Search for Omm Sety

The second book I read was “The Search for Omm Sety”. This is the story of an English lady who fell on his head when he was young, and from this moment on she started having visions and memories about a past life she lived in Egypt as a temple girl in the city of Abydos. She apparently had very detailed knowledge about Egyptian life and helped archaeologists discover places that were covered with sand. I was drawn to this book because of something that the ghost of Seti I told this woman, and that is that he was able to come back and visit her thanks to some skills he acquired when he was alive, as a worshiper of Set.

This book seemed to reaffirm the possibility that some people have lived past lives, or if they don’t, at least that they seemed to be able to tap into the memory bank of those people who did live those lives. And the pharaoh Seti I talking about his power to come back from Amenti really intrigued me, me who believes that if we train hard enough when we are alive, we will be able to maintain our consciousness after we die. This was a lovely book, not so much about the old Egyptian lifestyle (which I wanted to read more of) but rather about the personal experiences of this woman who claimed to have been reincarnated.

I recommend Paulides’ book as a way to familiarize yourself with the missing people cases, and the second one if you like Egypt or are interested in reincarnation.

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