Sacred Trickery and the Way of Kindness: The Radical Wisdom of Jodo

I have wanted to become more proficient at reading the Tarot cards because it seems like a cool game and I’ve had some success reading cards for other people. It seems like a good way to offer help to those who are not heavily involved with spirituality or self-discovery, because with the help of the pictures from the cards I have been able to figure out personal details from the querent’s life, and they have most of the time confirmed that what the cards were telling me was indeed taking place in their lives.

When looking for modern tarot readers and experts, one of the most outspoken figures is Alejandro Jodorowsky, a multifaceted artist who has been involved with practically anything that has to do with creativity: music, theater, cinema, literature, comics, shamanism…one of his most popular ideas is psychomagic, a technique in which one tricks the mind into believing certain things have happened when they actually haven’t. A sort of mental theater where one performs an act prescribed by Jodorowsky, and an act that is rich in symbolism and which, it seems, shortcuts our brain into changing following the symbols and associations that the ritual contains.

What you won’t find in this book

This is not a book filled with instructions. It is not a book that explains how to read the tarot, or how to perform or create acts of psychomagic. If I recall correctly, not a single act of psychomagic is detailed in the book, or if it was, it definitely did not leave a strong impression that I would remember it, only a few days after finishing this book.

What you will find in this book

This is a book about Alejandro Jodorowsky. It’s a book about his life, how he lives, a book that contains testimonies from people who know Jodo and who attest to his extreme goodness and remarkable, inspirational way of living. It’s a book that contains testimonies from five or six different people about how he met Jodorowsky, how he helped them and how they have come to admire him.

You should buy this book if

You are interested in learning more about the personal details of Jodorowsky’s life, and understanding a little more about his life philosophy and his ideas. Not so much if you’re looking for information about the art more than about the artist. It’s a book centered on the living person of Jodorowsky, not on his work.

What did I learn from this book?

In regards to psychomagic or tarot, pretty much next to nothing. Jodorowsky’s life doesn’t really interest me a big deal, because I don’t believe I will ever have the opportunity to meet him. For all I care, he could be a terrible person, disrespectful and noisy, dictatorial and racist. What I wanted to learn was about his knowledge and techniques, not about his life. I always try to separate the art from the artist so in this case, I think this book didn’t cover what I wanted.

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