Quick read – Create your Personal Saga

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Another quick read from academia.edu. This time, related to videogames and spirituality.

Summary (of what I understood, but not necessarily of what was written)

  • Spirituality has become a marketing strategy not only for gurus and astrologists but for videogame companies as well.
  • A videogame is a fantasy world. The promise of being someone else, at times a higher version of oneself, entices people to spend hour after hour sitting in front of a monitor staring at a virtual world.
  • Marketing campaigns aim to monetize escapism: people are weak, live boring lives, have boring jobs. In a videogame, they can be heros, warriors, powerful healers. It doesn’t matter that it is only a virtual scenario, the feeling is that it is real.
  • Most of these videogames are set in fantastic, ancient realms where magic and wizardry are still part of daily life. Knights in shiny armor, druids that shapeshift, evil wizards that haunt the mountains and forests. A few percentage are set in futuristic worlds, but it seems to be that most people still operate under the assumption that the old world was better and more magical and perhaps meaningful than our modern technological world.
  • New economies are based on experiences rather than products. You can’t just sell an item, you need to also give the user the experience of being the owner of such an item. You join a group of people who also own the item, you don’t operate in solitude.
  • Games also offer the user the option to play with spirituality without the need to believe in spirituality. The player doesn’t need to believe in the videogame gods to ask for their help or use their spells. It is magic, without tears.

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