Am I making the same mistake again?

Four or five years ago, I sold my bitcoin balance to move to Barcelona because I thought it was going to be a great experience. At the time, bitcoin was around $400 and having bought at $200 I felt I had made the deal of a lifetime. I could have now more than $50,000 worth of digital gold, but I made the decision to sell and use the money to live in a different place.

Now in 2019 I am forced to sell again part of my bitcoin balance in order to pay for the documents I need to live and work in Vietnam. And I ask myself. Am I not making the same mistake again? I did not want to sell my bitcoins before moving to Barcelona but I thought that it was going to be the time of my life. It wasn’t. I came to Vietnam with hopes and dreams and I found nothing special. I tell myself “I like Vietnam” but perhaps it is only because I don’t want to admit that, in fact, I don’t like it. You invest time into something and then you have to pretend it was a great idea.

Was Vietnam a great idea? I am starting to believe it wasn’t. I’m not getting paid well, I’m not making any progresses in my spiritual path, I haven’t found my sangha. For all it’s worth, I might as well just have stayed in Colombia. Well, except for the violence. I don’t like violence.

I can’t wait to go back to Spain.

One thought on “Am I making the same mistake again?

  1. Was it really this bad? Now, outside of Vietnam, I try to remember if it was really that terrible. Or was it just me, always longing for that which I no longer have?

    When I was in Vietnam, I wanted to be in Spain. When I was in Spain, I wanted to be in Vietnam. No matter where I am, what I have, it seems that I always feel like I want to be somewhere else.

    I need to be careful with rushing my important decisions. I tend to change my mind quite often. Right now I’m thinking about going back to Vietnam, but is that really what I want? I have to admit, if I can make some good money, I wouldn’t mind being there. Money can make your life better. Money is easily 40 to 50 percent of what I need to properly enjoy a place. I like going to restaurants and bars and buying things for my friends.


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