Psychedelics as shortcut

If I understand correctly, psychedelics bring us to altered states of consciousness that are also possible to be achieved simply through the application of training and will power. Sit cross-legged for a long enough time and you will start to hallucinate colors and sounds. Do it in a pitch-black room and you will hallucinate with opened eyes. Do it while you’re floating in a sensory deprivation tank and you will hallucinate colors, shapes and faces.

Yet, why do mystics and some let’s say “traditional” seekers refuse to acknowledge the validity of the psychedelic experience? For some people, it seems “no pain – no gain” works as a bidirectional formula. If you achieve something but you didn’t sweat blood for it, then they consider it as less valid of an achievement. Why, though?

Do monks still copy books by hand? Do these people still walk long distances to communicate with other people, or have they also embraced the advantages of long-distance telecommunication? Why is it different when it comes to mental processes? Yes, they say, psychedelics will bring you to a reality similar to what you can explore using only the power of your sober mind. But they argue, what if you don’t have psychedelics? You go back to base camp. You are not quite there yet, you are only “simulating” the experience. But in these day and age, we can ensure a constant and regular supply of these substances for everyone who is interested. Hell, I could grow in my house more mushrooms that I could consume, for an insignificant amount of money. Why couldn’t I simply eat 1g of mushrooms every time I wanted to have a profound mystical experience? Why does it have to be always your own power, your own self, your own work? Why can’t we work together with the plants?

Isn’t the world interconnected? Aren’t we operating in a matrix of relationships that extends beyond our mind, beyond our life, beyond our death? Why aren’t mushrooms my friends?

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